Conditions we treat
At Will-Crest Rehabilitation, we specialize in providing comprehensive care for adults with a range of functional difficulties. Our expert team is dedicated to treating various conditions, including but not limited to orthopaedics, neurology, de-conditioning, endurance, ergonomics, and mental health.


We work with clients with fractures, hip/knee replacements, amputees etc


We work with people with acquired and traumatic brain injury, stroke, Gullian Barre Syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.


We work with the elderly population, supporting them to improve their strength, endurance, etc through functional activities and meaningful occupation. We also support with falls prevention.

Mental health

We provide mental health support to clients dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
We specialize in person-centered occupational therapy services, addressing a wide range of health conditions. Our assessments methods include standardized methods, observations, and client/family interviews. A detailed report with recommendations is provided after each assessment, serving as a valuable resource for clients and their support systems.
Our expertise extends to various facets of occupational therapy, including environmental adaptations and equipment recommendations, fatigue management, cognitive rehabilitation, manual handling, and more. We assist clients in exploring suitable environmental controls that enhance their independence.
Addressing activities of daily living (ADLs)/Instrumental Activities of daily living (IADL) is a central aspect of our occupational therapy approach. We support clients to regain their independence in activities such as washing, dressing, meal preparation, domestic tasks and leisure.
Finally, we offer specialized arm and hand rehabilitation services, dedicated to restoring optimal function in these crucial areas. Through targeted interventions, we empower our clients to regain their abilities and improve overall quality of life.
Face to face appointments available in Essex only. At Will-Crest Rehabilitation, we offer remote occupational therapy assessments and treatments, utilising the convenience of video-conferencing or telephone consultations where suitable. We are driven by a deep commitment to delivering exceptional care, assisting our clients in reclaiming their independence and achieving their full potential.